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Crash of a Boeing 737 max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines

The Boeing 737 max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines crashed after take-off. The flight 302 took off from Addis-Abeba on Sunday the 10th of March 12, 2019 heading Nairobi (Kenya). All the 157 passengers and crew died in the accident.

Once again the automatic flight control designed to protect the plane against the stall seem to have caused the crash.

Our experts keep working on the safety issues that this model of Boeing 737 is raising, in the wake of the Lion Air Crash.

Boeing is developing a software which would correct the problems of its product already revealed on the 737 max 8 by the Lion Air case, and the FAA is waiting it in order to issue an Airworthiness Directive (AD) no later than April.

Many air carriers have grounded their fleet of Boeing 737 max 8 and some countries have forbidden this model of aircraft to fly over their territory.

In partnership with American lawyers, our group will help the families to demonstrate the manufacturer’s responsibility in the crash.